Arpan Rau's gap year- Part 2: Running, Robots, and Web Design

Hi guys!

My gap year has been going great since I last checked in (here). FIRST robotics season has started, and working with two teams - my old team, 3061, and a 2nd year team out of nearby Hinsdale, 4979 - eats up most of my free time. It's great to get an opportunity to pass on what I learned during my four years with the team and hang out with old friends.


Teaching FRC 4979 how to solve sum-of-torques problems

I'd love to post more pictures of the robots that my teams have been building this year, but unfortunately they're kept top-secret until the end of the six week build season.

arp5.jpg Here's a teaser of what 3061 has been up to

My parents run marathons. I've never had time to join in during high school, but I figured that my gap year would be a great time to start. I started training for a half marathon in May - it should be a good way to get into a shape other than round. I found a training schedule online and have been keeping to it as best I can, increasing the amount that I can run and decreasing my pace week by week. 

One large goal for my gap year was to pick up skills that I'd otherwise not have time to learn. In my rapidly diminishing spare time, I've been teaching myself web programming in an effort to learn more about how the websites I spend so much time on are built. It's slow going because I have multiple languages and tools to learn at once- Java, Javascript, and HTML for starters, but I hope to be building and hosting my own websites soon.

My gap year so far has been a fantastic change of pace and I'd recommend one to just about everyone. I'm looking forward to working another internship this summer in either mechanical engineering or web design and attending Olin next fall.

Thanks for reading!


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