Bragging Rights!

Yet another impressive and successful class of students has graduated from Olin.  Although they will be missed, we know they have wonderful adventures in store.  Including our Class of 2011, here is information on where Oliners go after Olin.

The average salary for the Class of 2011 is $68,610. 

Top Employers:
1.  Microsoft
2.  Google
3.  athenahealth

Roughly 1/3 of each graduating class will go directly into graduate school.  Overall, 40% of Olin graduates have attended or are attending graduate school.

Top Graduate Schools:
1.  MIT
2.  3-way tie
     1.  Babson College
     2.  Carnegie Mellon University
     3.  Harvard University
3.  Stanford
4.  Cornell
5.  University of Washington

Since 2006, 30 Oliners have won a National Science Graduate Research Fellowship Award which provides $30,000/year for three years of funding toward their graduate program.  Sixteen of these awards were received in 2011.

Since 2006, 8 OIiners have won a Fulbright Award.  Countries where they have gone include:  Denmark, South Korea, United Kingdom, India, Taiwan, Switzerland, New Zealand and Mongolia. 

This year one student received the Barry Goldwater Scholarship

This year three students were named Grand Challenge Scholars.

Congratulations to all of our excellent students!

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