Candidates' Weekends FAQ

Hello Olin Candidates!
   We hope that you are getting excited about your upcoming trip to Olin! We are very busy getting ready for these massive events. As we have said before, Candidates' Weekend requires the input and energy of every single Olin community member. Our faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents all join forces to put on a very busy two days for you. Here are some reminders, as well as some clarifying information.


  • Submit your travel plans as soon as you know them, especially students who are traveling alone! Laura Cotten needs to set up the shuttles that will transport you to and from Logan airport, so the sooner she has your flight information, the better.
  • Students who are traveling alone and who would like to request a roommate at the Babson Executive Conference Center should email Laura directly. (that's
  • EVERYONE needs to submit their travel plans by Monday!
  • EVERYONE needs to submit their medical and photo release forms by Monday! You can mail them, fax them (781-292-2210) or scan them and email them to
  • Send your bio (follow
    directions below) to Johannes Santen at
      • Have a color photo of yourself scanned and sent as a JPEG

      • The JPEG file name should be in the following format: Last name_First name.jpg (i.e. Smith_Chris.jpg)
      • Compose a statement about yourself that is 20 (or fewer) words.Other Candidates have sent in lists of interests, poems about themselves, or favorite quotes. Feel free to be as creative as you want, so long as you meet the word limit.
      • Send your email with your full name, hometown, high school and 20 word description in the body, and the JPEG as an attachment.
      • This scanned image/photo does not have to be a portrait, but you must be clearly recognizable and the picture must be suitable for a PowerPoint presentation (group shots are not acceptable).
  • Students who are coming to the first weekend (February 19-20) should work on their name tags.(use the 3''x4'' template we sent you in your packet)


  • I'm traveling with my mother and I'd like to take the Shuttle from the airport. How do I arrange that?

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide transportation for all 270 Candidates plus their families. We reserve the Shuttles for students who are traveling alone ONLY. They are our priority, because they and their parents are relying on us to provide a safe and seamless experience while they are visiting Olin. If you are nervous about driving in Boston, we recommend taking a cab out to the Babson Executive Conference Center, and staying there during the Candidates' Weekend. Olin is a 10-minute walk from the BECC, and we will have students escorting guests back and forth throughout the weekend.

  • I'm traveling alone from the West Coast and the only flight that works for me arrives on Thursday night. What do I do?!

Not to worry! We suspect that there will be a number of you in this situation. We will arrange a Thursday night Shuttle for students who are traveling alone. The Babson Executive Conference Center does have some rooms set aside for Thursday nights, so you should not have a problem getting a reservation.

  • What time does the event end on Saturday?

The mandatory portions of the weekends are the interviews, and these wrap up by 5:30pm. You are welcome to leave at that point if your family needs to get on the road. Following the end of the interviews, there will be admission presentation by Dean Nolan, a particularly yummy dinner in the Dining Hall, a performance by the Olin Fire Arts Club, and an open house in one of the residence halls. Candidates tend to enjoy the Saturday night activities, because it gives them a chance to bond with each other and our current students.

  • What should I wear to my interview? Do I need to bring anything?

Just wear your normal clothes! You will be receiving a Candidates' Weekend t-shirt when you arrive, and many students choose to wear these on Saturday, though it is certainly not required! We are not expecting formal attire of any sort, and the interviewers themselves will be casually dressed. Some of our crazier students will even be in flip-flops. You do not need to bring anything to your interview, just yourself!

Questions? Concerns? Please email us directly or call 781-292-2222!

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