Counting Down the Days....

We've got exactly two... two... days before the Olin Office of Admission shuts its doors (temporarily) and locks them for the holiday break. And trust me, this has been one busy week.

We had EXPO on Monday, where we saw a great turnout from prospies. The presentations from Oliners were unbelievable - I've been in the Office of Admission for a little over a month, and I'm constantly floored by the creativity and brilliance of our students!

Now we're knee-deep in processing and application reading, and lemme tell ya, it. is. non. stop. As I'm sure many of you know, unlike other colleges, we have less than a month between the application due date (January 1st. Go put it on your calendar now. It's okay, I'll wait) and when we make the decisions for Candidates Weekend. And in between now and then, it's a flurry of paper and mail, and don't even get me started on our poor printer.

The applications that I've seen so for are SO impressive. Seriously. Ya'll are doing amazing things in high school. Keep up the good work.

Back File Room
The application drawers in the back file room... where the magic happens!

So all of you out there, you have exactly three more days when we sweet Admission folk will be at your disposal. Thursday the 19th, Friday the 20th, and Monday, December 31st are the three days that the Office will be open. So get your questions, papers, forms, and applications in as soon as you possibly can! Cause I tell you, nothing's worse than getting to December 31st and realizing that you forgot to send in, oh, your transcript (or something equally important).

We will have access to email throughout the break, so send any questions to Otherwise, rest up, polish those final essays, and know that we in the Office of Admission are wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

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