I couldn't stay away!

Hello everyone!
I'm so excited to be the new Assistant Director of Admissions at Olin! I'm Graham Hooton, and I graduated from Olin College as part of the class of 2014. Yep, that's right. Just a few months ago, I was a student here! Over the summer, this position opened up, and the team here already knew they liked me... and I was in the middle of my job search, so I gladly accepted. It's good to be back!
I'm the one in the middle

At this point, I've taken part in the admissions process in one way or another since all the way back in 2009. Initially, as a candidate, I was intrigued by the essays, wowed by the publications, and utterly sold on the culture and community. Then, as a student I joined and eventually ran the team that invents the Candidate's Weekend Design Challenge, the team-building exercise that helps make CWs so memorable. But even though I stepped behind the curtain then to see how everything worked, I never expected I'd later step behind the even larger, more official curtain, to join the staff here at Olin College! However, in my time as a student here, I did realize that ultimately, my passion was education, not engineering. One day I plan to teach high school science and technology.

So sure, maybe it's a little peculiar to be a recent grad in this kind of position. But I compare myself to Bruce Willis's character in Armageddon, a professional miner who gets astronaut training in order to lead a team to blow up an asteroid. Would it have been easier to train an astronaut to be a miner? Maybe. But then you don't have a movie. Anyways, in my case, I have all of my years of Olin knowledge and a little astronaut training under my belt.

bruce-willis-armageddon.jpg Come at me, prospective students!

I'm so excited to be working at Olin with this team, these students, and all of you amazing applicants (who seem to get more impressive every year!) You can reach me at Graham.Hooton@olin.edu781-292-2212, or in Milas Hall 111.

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