NaNoWriMo, Pompeii, and a flight to China

Hello, Oliners! Kaitlyn here again.

So. The new semester started, and I'm not taking any classes. And it is a strange feeling. I've had plenty to fill my time--work, Mandarin, flute, writing, baking, running, reading, etc.--but I keep finding I miss learning things! Like, officially learning things. Particularly math-y, science-y things. But I'm planning to start up some review, at the very least.

Anyway! Stuff that has happened since last I blogged. Well, first off, I finished NaNoWriMo with 68,000 something words and a couple of days to spare. That was pretty much thrilling, even though I am going to have to completely rework everything I wrote now. But hey, I made my goal.

NaNoWriMoVictory.pngAfter that, I participated in the SLO Wind Orchestra's Christmas concert, which was a ton of fun. Not too difficult music, but it was great to play with a group again after leaving the Youth Symphony from high school.


And a week after the concert, my family left for Italy! That was... amazing. We spent three and a half weeks in the big sites: Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, and then a little time in Sienna and back to Florence. 

Favorite things? That's hard, but... probably Sienna and Pompeii. Pompeii was just amazing because... ruins. Ancient ruins, and I got to walk around in them. And since my two years of Latin were as much Roman History as Language, I actually knew something about them.


Then Sienna was just gorgeous, not very touristy, and we stayed at an amazing couple's Bed and Breakfast, and they were very sweet all around.


But then there was this awesome little place we went to in Florence. The Galileo Museum. It had all sorts of instruments Galileo used to demonstrate laws of physics, a bunch of maps and globes, astronomy tools, physician's instruments, telescopes... so many things. It was fascinating, and I'd have loved to spend all day just playing with the various things. Sadly, century-old instruments are generally off-limits to touch, so that dream didn't quite pan out. So instead I just got really excited as I guess what the things were supposed to do before looking at the explanations, which actually had a lot of English translations (thank goodness)!

Galileo Museum.jpg

Anyway, now I'm back home, back at work, and pinned down my China trip to April 1st through May 13th. It's huge, it's exciting, and it'll be practice for flying alone for when I come to Olin (eeeeee!). To all Oliners and Gappies: I hope your years are going just as well as mine is, and that you are learning lots! 'Til next time!


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