Candidates' Weekends are over, and Acceptance Committee has commenced (and uncommenced!). We've officially decided on the Class of 2018. And wow, WOW, what a whirlwind it's been.

Again, if it's seemed like there's been radio silence from us, chalk it up to the crazy number of applicants this year. Also, blame it on the weather. We've had a snow day almost every single week since our application deadline on January 3rd (in fact, we had a snow day ON January 3rd). It's been reaaaaallllly crazy around here, and all in all, the combined factors of more applicants + snow days meant that we just had fewer days to manage our priorities.

That being said, Candidates' Weekend came together beautifully this year. We were lucky enough to avoid giant blizzards on almost all three weekends (although the snow dump on Saturday on CW1 almost gave me a heart attack). But, in true Olin form, when the snow started coming down, all the Candidates ran outside and had a massive snowball fight. Love you guys so much.

olaf gif.gif

I got to interview Candidates twice this year, and... wow. You guys. You blew me away. I know that I say this every year, but really. It's one thing to read your applications and marvel at your accomplishments on paper, and it's another thing entirely to meet you and your families, to talk with you about your passions, and to see you interacting with each other. It's exciting on an entirely different level.

Which, of course, made Acceptance Committee ten times harder. I can't begin to express how superb you guys are, and having to pick a class out of all the phenomenal Candidates that I met was insanely difficult. You guys will get your decisions around the end of March - we will keep you posted on definite times and dates. But again, I can't say enough how fantastic it was to meet you all. Thanks for being awesome, and for making my job so much fun.


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