Pre-Application Deadline Checklist

We're coming up on another extremely busy application season at Olin. As many of you saw in our Facebook posts, we've already taken bets on the number of applications we'll see this year, and I'm putting my money on a record year! Of course, the flip side is that with that record number of applications, there will be lots of extra-long nights where I'm up on the couch reading applications (Drinking a whole tub of Trader Joe's hot cocoa. Eating cake. So much cake.). But this is the fun part of the process! This is where we get to learn all about you, dear applicants.

A few words of advice as you're crossing your T's, dotting your I's, and getting ready to hit that big ol' SUBMIT button on the Common App.

  • Did you spell-check your entire application? Oh, you did? Oh, you did twice? Go back and do it again. Trust me on this one.


My applikation is abosltuely perfect.

  • It is always a little bit off-putting when we read things like "I couldn't imagine a school that's more perfect for me than [MIT] [Harvey Mudd] [CalTech] [University of Texas] [Ringling Brothers Clown College]. If you're writing an essay about why you want to go to Olin, make sure you put in Olin's name.

youmakemesadgif.gifWe know you're probably applying to ten other schools. But tell us you love us the best!

  • Make sure you spend a good amount of time describing your activities to us. Nothing is more difficult to read than a vague list of things you did in high school (i.e. "music - 4 hours a week"). We want to know what you did with your time! Throw us a bone here.


  • Extra recommendations - our rule of thumb is "If it provides perspective about you that your teachers cannot and it will really enhance your application, send it along." However, if we get six extra recommendation letters in your application, that's a wee bit extraneous.

throwingpaper.gif20 recs? Really!?

  • Your essays give us insight into your personality. We decide if we want that personality to be a part of the Olin community. Don't blow off your essays.

dog typing.gifWe can tell when you wrote your essay three minutes before the deadline.

  • Oh, you're done with your application? You've followed all my suggestions? Go spell-check again.

fine.gifAgain... trust us.


In all seriousness though, the applications we've received so far have been fabulous, and we're more excited than ever for this application season. So, good luck to the lot of you, and happy holidays from the Office of Admission!

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