Spring Break!

Most of our students departed last Thursday or Friday for a well-deserved week off. As a result, it has been very quiet here at Olin this week. We’re still giving our daily info sessions to juniors doing their spring college tours, while also getting our decision letters ready to mail. This is a funny time of year in admission offices around the country- we’re finishing up this year’s admission cycle while also beginning next year’s. Both groups are incredibly important, but it can be hard to switch back and forth each day.

There are still some students on campus- those who didn’t want to make the long trek home, or those who have projects here on campus that they want to work on. I just saw the Human Powered Vehicle team out on the Oval, even though it’s currently 33 degrees and sleeting. Several of the students who give tours have been kind enough to come in each day at 3 to show our visitors around, and I am very grateful for their help. Sophomore Andy P. just dropped in to take our prospective junior and his mom on a tour- hopefully they’ll be able to stay relatively warm and dry.



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