Summer Check-In

Hello all you Olin prospies! I know it's been verrrrry quiet down here in the Office
of Admission. Summer is when we Admission folks get caught up from the insanity
of January-May, and we start prepping for the fall. We've also been hosting
record numbers of visitors at our information sessions over the past few

We hope you have all had lovely and restful
summers!  But getting back into the swing
of things, it'll be about a month and a half until you have to return to school
for your senior year, and we want to offer some advice about two key things
that you could be working on this summer.




I know, I know. It's unlikely that college applications
are even on your radar yet, let alone scholarships. But from someone who rues
the day that she blew off scholarship applications, I wanted to let you all in
on this little piece of advice. Scholarships. Are. Fantastic. There are just
about a trillion and six out there, offered from local organizations to giant national companies. There are probably even a few offered by your
hometown Rotary Club. And every little bit adds up. College is a hefty
investment, and for some of you, winning outside scholarships that you can put
towards your tuition could be a huge game-changer. There's a fantastic website
called Fastweb ( This
provides listings of thousands of college scholarships. If you have some spare
time this summer, consider checking it out and filling out a few applications!



Ha! This is definitely a long-shot. We know that for
many of you who are spending their summer days languishing at the beach, the
idea of cracking open your Princeton Review book is just about the last thing
you want to do. But again, even a few hours a week can make a world of difference.
I remember that the fall of my senior year in high school was a whirlwind of
college visits, applications, and essay-writing. SAT prep fell by the wayside
almost immediately. So take advantage of your summer downtime, and give it just
a few hours a week. You'll be immensely pleased when the September SAT date
rolls around and you don't have spend any time cramming!


Instead of being like this....


... you can be like this!

sats.jpgAlllllllll over it!

We know that this is a lot of college-related
activity to be thinking about, but take it from someone who is a perpetual
planner. Getting just a little bit out of the way before the fall will put you
in a much better place. You'll be far less stressed, and when your mother
starts nagging you about SAT prep, you can look her square in the eye and say "Don't
worry about it. I'm on it!"


Got it, Mom.

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