Summer To-Do List

Hi Seniors!

It's officially June of your final year of high school. AP tests are over, and all that stands between you and one long glorious vacation is watching movies in class and gearing up for graduation. To
get you in the spirit of summer, here's a brief to-do list from your trusty
Office of Admission.


  • First, don't completely
    give up on school!

Chances are, you still have a final project or two do, or
maybe a handful of quizzes or tests. Don't completely throw in the towel on
studying for these! Colleges receive your final transcript, which includes all
the grades from all of these end-of-the-year headaches, so make sure you finish
out your senior year strong. You'd hate to be called out on less-than-stellar
grades by the Office of Admission.


  • Second, now's the
    time to get some quality reading done.

While we really
want to reemphasize that studying is still a requirement until you walk across
that stage with your diploma, go ahead and celebrate the end of AP exams by
indulging in some excellent recreational reading. It's likely when you get to
Olin in August that you'll be so busy with academics and activities that you
won't have much time for reading, so get it in while you can! Always wanted to
crack Tale of Two Cities and never
had the time? Now's your chance. Or maybe you just completely missed the boat
with the Hunger Games series in
between swim practice, SAT prep, and your calc class. Go to town! For a great,
engrossing summer read, I recommend the post-apocalyptic novel The Passage by Justin Cronin. I think I
averaged about three hours of sleep a night when I was in the middle of reading
it - I just couldn't put it down.

  • Third, go ahead and
    schedule those annoying immunizations before the fall.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. This isn't the most exciting item
on the list. But take it from someone who procrastinated, and then had to get
SIX booster shots on one miserable day in August. Get those appointments out of
the way so you can spend your time on much more exciting endeavors.

  • Fourth, spend extra time with your friends.

You're going to miss each other a lot when you go away to
college, and while Facebook and Gmail are great ways to stay in touch, enjoy
the quality time now before you all go off to different corners of the country.
Go hiking together, indulge in enormous bacon n' egg brunches, and watch old
episodes of Alias (try it - it defined
my high school years).


  • Last, take time to
    thank your high school teachers.

They've been with you, rooting for you since day one. They
wrote you recommendation letters, edited your essays, and will be cheering you
on at graduation. This extra effort often goes unnoticed, especially in the
whirlwind of senior year and graduation. Make sure you take the time to thank
your high school teachers properly for everything they've done for you. They've
earned it!


CONGRATULATIONS, from the entire Office of Admission, and have a wonderful summer!

congrats graduating.gifWoo hooo! You did it!

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