Welcome, Class of 2022!

Saturday was move-in day for the Olin Class of 2022. It was gorgeous: sunny and perfectly warm. Campus was buzzing with the nervous excitement and anticipation that comes with a new beginning. Each year, I have the honor of introducing the new class on their first official day at Olin. It’s one of the highlights of my year. An excerpt of my remarks is below. I hope you enjoy getting to know the Olin College Class of 2022!

My job today is to present you, Olin Class of 2022, to each other and to the Olin community! As I got to know you through your applications and at Candidates’ Weekends, I was extremely impressed: academically your preparation and potential rival any top college or university. But beyond that: you are creative and innovative and funny and kind. You- and your families- should be extremely proud!

The Class of 2022 represents students from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, identities and cultures. You represent 25 states and six countries. Eight of you are first-generation college students (like me!). Thirty-nine percent of you are students of color. Fifty-two percent of you identify as female.

We are proud to call all of you Oliners, and while your academic and demographic metrics are striking, it is your personality, your interests, your Olin-ness, that makes you truly extraordinary and is what led us to choose you. Every offer of admission at Olin is a choice, an affirmation of what you bring to the college and community. We took a diverse and talented pool and created the dynamic and intentional community that is Olin. And…

As a group:

  • You are altruistic: 80% of you participated in community service
  • You are athletic: 57% played at least one sport
  • You are entrepreneurial: at least 9 of you founded a business
  • You are scholarly: at least 25 of you did research at a college or company and almost half of you participated on an academic team
  • You are creative: among the Class of 2022 you will find musicians (both instrumental and vocal), dancers, woodworkers, actors, creative writers, and visual artists
  • You are responsible: 65% of you held a job in high school
  • And you love robotics!! Which makes so much sense- we are Olin after all!- 66% of you participated in competitive robotics in high school

As individuals:

  • One of you is a boxer
  • One of you wants to found a STEM high school for Latinx students that focuses on project-based learning and career mentorship
  • One of you is a cartoonist, authoring an Amazon #1 Bestseller in your category
  • One of you designed a patent-pending automated inventory system for use aboard the International Space Station
  • One of you is a short film producer
  • A few of you were TEDx curators or coordinators in your area (do I see a TEDxOlin in our future???)
  • One of you climbed Mt. Fuji
  • One of you spent a gap year researching and helping run a gallery of antique oriental rugs
  • One of you builds sailboats and sailbots
  • One of you is co-chair of the Youth Council for your town
  • One of you loves Back to the Future
  • One of you invented a wearable tech glove to help the severely speech-impaired communicate
  • At least one of you works on your family’s farm
  • One of you designed and created a terrace garden using only waste material like used glass and plastic bottles, flat tires, and used wooden pallets
  • One of you built an Android app for pedestrian safety that capitalizes on the philosophy of safety in numbers
  • One of you ran two marathons (two!)
  • One of you made an entire dress out of real leaves
  • One of you stayed up until 3am folding a collapsing origami hat that was wearable
  • One of you organized a county-wide summit for local Gay-Straight Alliances
  • One of you runs an overseas service to tutor girls in Nigeria in STEM subjects
  • One of you spent a gap year designing a complete, open, freely-licensed digital citizenship curriculum that covers important skills like computational thinking, identity exploration and media literacy
  • One of you has acted in eight Shakespeare plays
  • One of you presented a keynote about the importance of project-based learning at a national educational conference for teachers (So very Olin!)

That list is crazy, I know, but remember: each and every one of you 85 amazing souls made an impression when you were here for Candidates’ Weekends. Each and every one of you deserves to be here and you will all learn and grow as part of this truly amazing educational experience and one-of-a-kind community (how lucky are you?!?). Each and every one of you will make an impact here and on the world. And together you are the next generation of engineering leaders! Welcome to Olin, Class of 2022!


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