Welcome, Class of 2023!

Emily Roper-Doten

Saturday was move-in day for the Olin Class of 2023. It was an absolutely beautiful day: sunny and the perfect temperature for lugging boxes and suitcases. Campus was vibrating with the nervous excitement and anticipation that come with starting something new. Each year, I have the privilege of introducing the new class on their first official day at Olin. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. An excerpt of my welcome is below. I hope you enjoy getting to know the Olin College Class of 2023!

The Class of 2023 represents students from a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, identities and cultures. You represent twenty-one states and nine countries outside the US. Six of you are first-generation college students (like me!). Fifty-two percent of you are students of color. Fifty-seven percent of you identify as female.

We are proud to call all of you Oliners, and while your academic and demographic metrics are striking, it is your personality, your interests, your Olin-ness, that make you truly extraordinary and are what led us to choose you. Every offer of admission at Olin is a choice, an affirmation of who you are and what you bring to the college and our community. We took a diverse and talented pool and created the incredible and intentional community that is Olin. And…

As a group:

  • You are altruistic: 71% of you participated in community service
  • You are athletic: 64% played at least one sport
  • You are entrepreneurial: at least nine of you founded a business
  • You are scholarly: at least seventeen of you did research at a college or company and more than half of your participated in an academic team
  • You are creative: among the Class of 2023 you will find musicians (both instrumental and vocal), dancers, woodworkers, actors, creative writers, and visual artists
  • You are responsible: 59% of you held a job in high school and several of you were primary caregivers for family members
  • And you love robotics!! Which makes so much sense (we are Olin after all!)-over half of you participated in competitive robotics in high school

As individuals:

  • One of you co-founded a brass band call The Pepper and one of you is the lead guitarist in a music fusion club
  • One of you designed a device that attempts to clean the Florida Everglades of harmful algae blooms
  • One of you built a wood-fired brick pizza oven in your backyard
  • One of you competed in local and international Canoe Polo tournaments
  • One of you co-founded a global digital platform delivering optimistic eco-feminist news and ideas on global challenges for next-generation girls
  • One of you created a net-zero and zero waste project for your school’s campus
  • One of you is a Sunday School teacher
  • One of you is a pilot for wildlife monitoring projects in Africa
  • One of you composes original slam poetry
  • One of you designed and built a gait rehabilitation machine for patients with mobility impairment
  • One of you has over a decade of wood-working experience, in both small and large formats
  • One of you is part of the Ranger Corps at Great Basin National Park
  • One of you builds and restores houses including your uncle’s
  • One of you cared for chickens as Head Agricultural Proctor at your school
  • One of you has been involved in a theatre production (musical or play, as cast or crew) every year since kindergarten
  • Several of you are black belts in your chosen martial art
  • One of you created a weekly course call “FUNgineering 101” to introduce young students to engineering
  • One of you can solve a Rubik’s cube in 25 seconds
  • One of you is a competitive gymnast
  • One of you teaches young people about animal husbandry and goat showmanship, having raised and cared for six goats over seven years in the city of Oakland
  • Two of you are SoundCloud artists (one rapper and one who makes electronic music)
  • One of you works on the LA Times Sunday Crossword every weekend with your mom

That list is crazy, I know, but remember: Each and every one of you 86 amazing souls made an impression when you were here for Candidates’ Weekends. Each and every one of you deserves to be here, and you will all learn and grow as part of this truly amazing educational experience and one-of-a-kind community (how lucky are you?!?). Each and every one of you will make an impact here and on the world. And together you are the next generation of world-changing engineers! Welcome to Olin, Class of 2023!

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