What OUR seniors are up to

   It's officially the middle of April, and those of you who are
deciding where to enroll are no doubt busy with campus visit days, email
exchanges with professors and students, managing your senior course load, and
trying to fit in time with friends. It can be very stressful! Our own seniors
can relate. They are busy with SCOPE, upper-level classes, interviewing for
jobs, visiting grad schools and oh yes! Trying to savor the last months of
college! Many of you have wondered what our seniors are planning for the next
step after graduation, especially given the economy. We have good news to

post-Olin plans of the 86 members of the Class of 2010 run the gamut from
prestigious scholarship and fellowship programs to top graduate schools and
corporations, according to the college's Post Graduate Planning Office. While
the results for the class will change as the semester progresses, details
released by the office provide an intriguing look at general trends in the
class's post-Commencement pursuits. Highlights as of mid-April include:

- One student has accepted a
Fulbright scholarship for study at the University of Bath, U.K. Two additional
candidates for the highly regarded international exchange program are awaiting
word on their status.

- Three seniors have been awarded
prestigious NSF Graduate Research Awards.

- Thirty-five percent have accepted
offers of employment, at an average salary of $71,000; seven seniors have
accepted positions with Microsoft, making the Redmond, Wash.-based company the
largest employer of graduating Olin seniors.

- Some other destinations include
Google, Lexmark International, Rockwell Automation, Intuit, Monterey Bay
Aquarium Research, GE Health Care, Mitre and the Naval Underseas Warfare

- Thirty percent are considering
graduate school and will make decisions in the next few weeks. Possible
graduate school destinations include MIT's MS/Ph.D. Program in Mechanical
Engineering, Stanford's Ph.D. Program in Electrical Engineering and
UCal-Berkeley's Ph.D. Program in Electrical Engineering.

- Six seniors (7 percent of the
class) are planning to develop their own businesses.

- Proving that study at Olin can
lead to a range of options, two seniors have been admitted to Harvard Business
School, one has been admitted to medical school and one to law school. There is
even one senior who plans on becoming a seminarian at a Catholic church in

We hope that you enjoy your senior spring! Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions that will help you make your final admission decision!



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