Before You Click Submit...

Dan Johnston

Okay, you completed your application. The biographical information is all squared away. Your transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation are there (submitted by you or your counselor), and your essays are attached.

Now, before you hit that “Submit” button, take a step back – mentally, or literally (if you’ve been sitting at your computer for too many hours!) and reflect on your application in its entirety. The purpose of the application process is to help us understand who are you as a student and person. What drives you? What’s important to you?

Do your essays and application truly reflect these things, or did you simply answer the prompt with a generic answer? Do your essays really help us understand you the best?

Here are a few questions to help you reflect:

  • Are my passions reflected in my application?
  • Did I accurately portray what is exciting to me?
  • Are my motivations clearly stated?
  • Does it feel like anything important to understanding who I am is missing?

Still having trouble? Try this: Put yourself in our shoes. What would you think of your application if you were to read it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know you? Is it an accurate reflection? If it is, great! You should feel confident in hitting that “Submit” button! If not, can you do some minor tweaking to your application?

We understand completing college applications is a difficult process. Sometimes it feels like every school wants something different! The prompts are unique, the requirements vary…the list goes on. The pressure for perfectionism in the college application process is dangerous. Do the best you can without sacrificing your emotional health. Perhaps you have someone in your family, school, or community who can assist you with an application peer-review. Sometimes it helps to have a different perspective if you’re having trouble. Do you feel that “I just can’t look at this anymore” moment? If so, take a step back and try our helpful tips!

Let us clarify that we are NOT suggesting you completely redo everything you undoubtedly have worked tirelessly to accomplish! We are just suggesting that you take a look at your application through a different lens.

Now take 30 seconds to focus on your breathing. You did it. Be proud of yourself; this is a taxing experience.  

As you prepare to submit your application, be confident in your hard work and know that your success in college does not depend on an admission decision; it is merely a step in the process of life! Know that you will succeed in college, whichever institution that may be, as long as you continue to do your best.

Lastly, do not forget that Olin’s application deadline is January 2, 2020!

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