10 Weird Things

Hey, my name is Erika Serna and I’m from South Texas. I was born in Laredo, TX (a border city in Texas near Mexico) and currently live in San Antonio. I went to an early college high school and did a lot of robotics in high school, mostly junior year. If you didn't figure it out by my last name and place of birth, I’m Mexican-American. 

I’m a first-year who will probably end up as a MechE. Here at Olin, I am a part of very different things. I am a part of the drive train subteam for Baja, CDAT (large art project display), Putnam, Midnight Math, and probably a lot of other stuff. Protip: find different things to do at Olin! Don’t just do engineering and school stuff! Do some art. I promise, it will pay off.

Ten weird things I have noticed about Olin in the first semester:

  1. For a school of 350 students, there's a lot of overlap in birthdays and names.
  2. People either sleep or don't sleep. Whatever option they choose is completely voluntary.
  3. Some students once built a marble slide from the fourth floor to the first floor of a building.
  4. People will judge you for eating your tater tots with yogurt.
  5. There are very specific tricks for eating at the dining hall. For example, mixing Cheerios with the Frosted Flakes to reduce the sweetness.
  6. There are several ways to get around the campus. You take between two minutes to get to class, to twenty.
  7. The lack of shoes. Thankfully, this fades a bit with the winter.
  8. People are either really good at cooking or fail to read the directions on mac and cheese boxes.
  9. The obsession with cardboard. During Move-In week, the bins are too full of cardboard. Near finals week, everyone is scavenging the bins and mail room.
  10. There are rooms that both exist and don't. Like, they're there but you won't enter them ever in your life at Olin or at least not until you find them.

Olin has a small addiction to scavenger hunts. See: several classes, turtle bandit, and carpe.

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