Back from the dead?

My apologies for failing to update for so long. With all the pandemonium that accompanies the end of the year and the beginning of the summer, blogging got swept to the side.

So what have I been doing? Well, I just finished my second full week of work. I feel a little bit like a super hero; by week a worker at a small webmail company- by weekend a Blue Man Group street teamer- she's Jessi!

Anyway, when I told people how much I was working, I got the comment that Oliners really don't let themselves have a break. I would like to reassure you that, although both Ellen and I are working two jobs, that's not the case for everyone. I ended up in this situation in a bit of a weird way. At the beginning of the summer, I had a job that I was hoping to get. When it turned out that I wasn't going to get it, I had to look elsewhere. I searched listings pretty much everywhere; I could have gotten a job, but I wanted an engineering internship. In the end, my pickiness worked out.

I took a weekend job with the Blue Man Group handing out flyers and such, because it intrigued me. Soon after, I decided to ask one of my professors about doing research with her. She didn't have the funding to take on another person this summer, but she asked for my resume and passed it on. I'm now working for a webmail company (with two other Olin students) during the week, mostly on the sales/creative end, but occasionally doing things like software testing. It's a nice atmosphere, and it's rather fun to have both the office job and the run-around-the-city job.

Plus, it's pretty cool to get to hang out in the Blue Man Group's trailer.

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