From Bad to Good

Sometimes, the stars are aligned just so (or maybe it's that they're not aligned) and it seems like just everything goes wrong at the same time.

This past week was, as you might have guessed, was such a time for me, and I'm just now coming up to take a breath.

These boys (from left, Tim '09.5, Joe '09, and Michael '09, pictured at my house in Bellingham) totally saved me this week, keeping me sane with hugs, sweet messages, and trips to Starbucks

The Bad

Well, this week has consisted of driving to Wellesley's library to get articles Olin's library doesn't have, crying during my presentation in Visual Cognition, Babson college closing (and Olin college freaking out!) because of an norovirus outbreak, UIUC students flying out for EoF2.0 conference and devouring $175 worth of cheesecake I picked up for them, near-constant sneezing from having a cold, 2 back to back design reviews for HCI and UOCD, and late nights in team rooms trying to finish my team's MatSci paper.

Oh yeah - and I totally sliced up my thumb just trying to get some olives for my nachos!!

The Good

Enough with that - it's over with, and I'm done complaining (for now at least). Time to look ahead. I'm getting super excited for the upcoming week - it's shaping up to be a great one. Through some coincidence, both my little brother and my next-door neighbor growing up are coming to visit this week. I'm stoked to show them my life here: Olin, my house, my car, my friends.

When my Olin friends visited me at home in Bellingham this winter, it was an interesting (and slightly weird, to be frank) mixing of my different lives. I was a little nervous then, and I'm asking myself the same questions now: "Will they approve of my life here?", "Will their opinion of me change?", "What will my friends here think?". I'm bringing my hippie snowboard bum friends to Olin - a place that tries to be welcoming but as a result of its small size and close bonds between friends, often seems to quickly exclude outsiders with techy converstaion and inside jokes.

We'll see how it goes - it's not the end of the world if my Olin friends and my Bellingham friends don't fall in love with each other. They do inhabit completley different worlds. In any case, I'm going to enjoy showing my friends around Boston and neglecting my classes this week, and going to the Man Hall party tonight.

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!


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