Big Hero 355*

*Warning!* May contain minor spoilers about the movie Big Hero 6 and major spoilers about the Olin experience.

Greetings, Olin friends!

When I saw the movie Big Hero 6 last weekend, (shout out to fellow blogger Haley '17 for being a kid at heart!) there were many parts that made another Oliner and I laugh, squee, exchange knowing glances, and jump up and down with excitement.  But perhaps none more than the end of Hiro's first visit to Olin Sanfransokyo Institute of Technology.  After discovering all the amazing projects going on inside (ranging from robotic arms to magnetically-suspended bikes to healthcare improvements), he stands staring at the campus, and says something along the lines of "If I don't go to this nerd school, I'm going to lose my mind. How do I get in?" 

Sound familiar?


Not sure I see the difference?

I was saying the exact same thing after my first (few) visit(s) to Olin.  But the connections don't end there: thoughout the film, we're reminded of what our goal should be as engineers: to help people.  Tadashi, Hiro's brother, is proud of his healthcare robot Baymax because he knows it's "going to help so many people!", and many of us at Olin are working to be sure we can look at what we've done and say the exact same thing.  As I head home for Thanksgiving break it'll be great to have a few days off, but being away always makes me even more excited to get back to what I do.

To my Olin friends: see you in a week!  To my family: great to see you again! To Prospies (prospective students): wishing you the best as you start (thinking about) your essays! To Olin: I'm glad I have a couple more years before I say "I'm satisfied with my care."

Until we meet again!

Michael '17

(P.S.: Shout out to Grand Challenge Scholars' Program! Engineering can change the world.)

*I believe the current number of students at Olin.

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