Candidates' Weekend Reflection - Erika '21

My name is Erika A. Serna. I'm a first year and I do things at college. (Check other posts for lists!)

Last year, I attended Candidates' Weekend three. (CW3'17 Represent!) I was so afraid?

I didn't know where I was on the map and I flew by myself and my mom wouldn't talk to me. I was cold and I had a bad robotics season and, ain't going to lie, a tough senior year. (Over the summer I kept waiting for the "sorry, your final transcript shows you may not be qualified, we rescind our offer" letter).

But I was excited. I was excited to interview with an alum! I was excited to be accepted to Candidates' Weekend! I was excited to be flown up to see the college!

You should be proud of yourselves, Candidates. You should be extremely proud of yourselves. Just being accepted to CW means you’re academically qualified to excel at any college! I interacted with multiple of y'all.

You all are so impressive? resilient? smart? dedicated? hardworking?

To the CW1 group! Y'all did amazing in the Design Challenge! I was so proud to help y'all in your process!

To my CW2 dinner group! It was a pleasure to eat with y'all! I hope I wasn't too nervous for y'all.

To CW3! Y'all had so much energy despite the weather! I enjoyed having you all around!

To the people I interacted with at Olin Unfiltered, thanks for stopping by. Each of y'all had good questions and I valued my time with y'all. If anyone has further questions on what being a disabled, hispanic, and/or a MechE student at Olin is like, ask* away.

It's going to be okay no matter what the portal says. It's scary to check but it's not the end of the world.

I love you all.

*email me at:

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