Confessions of an Olin Junior

My first confession: my profile is currently lying to you. My major is not actually Engineering with a concentration in Systems - yet. It will be eventually. I've filled out all the forms, I've been taking the necessary courses, I've told my academic adviser of my plans... I just haven't turned the forms in yet. They're sitting right here next to me on my desk, keeping me company as I write. My major is actually declared as Mechanical Engineering, and has been for the past year. Olin requires sophomores entering the spring semester to declare a major, and at the time, I thought I wanted to be a mechanical engineer. I subsequently took Software Design with Allen Downey, and decided I would be unhappy without programming in my life. So here I am, a proud soon-to-be E:Sys major (or as some say, Sys-E, pronounced like "sissy"), taking Computer Architecture alongside Fundamentals of Machine Shop Operations.

Once I finally get my change-of-major forms turned in, it's time to finish my Study Abroad applications. I'm planning to apply to John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. I don't speak Italian, but I certainly love the food, so I refuse to be daunted by language/cultural barriers. I'm so excited at the prospect of studying abroad that I don't even know what to do with myself, which brings me to my second confession: I am a strangely sporadic procrastinator. I sometimes finish homework immediately after the class in which it's assigned, and sometimes wait until the night before to do the bulk of the work on it. The latter seems to be the case with my study away applications: I'm still several forms, an application fee, and a personal statement away from approval, and am at least somewhat lacking in motivation to complete them. I know it's what I want to do, but let's face it: filling out forms is not the most intellectually stimulating way to spend one's afternoon.

My third confession is quite unrelated to the first two: I am a Thai food addict. Although Olin's dining hall does a pretty good job at most types of food, their attempts at Pad Thai have been fairly abysmal thus far. Fortunately for me and my Thai food junkie brethren, there are no fewer than four Thai restaurants in the area, all within a five minute drive. Two of these even deliver, which is excellent for my late-evening cravings, or for those days when dinner in the dining hall just isn't satisfactory. I've also found that if I can save up some money (I work at Olin as a tutor/grader for the freshmen to support my habit), go to one of the restaurants and order more food than I can possibly eat, the leftovers can last me for several days. In fact, I had leftover Pad Thai for lunch today, and I still have some panang curry in the refrigerator. Yay!

Here's to hoping that there's at least some Thai food in Italy, or that gelato is a sufficient substitute!


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