Dinner with the President

One of the things that you're often told during Candidates' Weekend, or tours here at Olin is "and you'll be invited to have dinner at the President's House." I must admit, I was disappointed first semester when no elusive invitation to dinner occurred. Then, magically, second semester started, and there was an email in my inbox that made my heart jump "All freshman and seniors can log into the portal to register for a date to go to dinner at President Miller's House"- finally!

Initially I was afraid that I'd have to miss class for the event, but thankfully schedules were rearranged so that freshman could go after the completion of chemistry lecture.

The eight of us attending dinner that night traveled in two cars to President Miller's house nearby in Needham. Once there we were ushered in by Mrs. Miller and instructed to leave our coats in the front closet, before sitting down to dinner. The food itself was wonderful- catered salad, chicken parmesan, and apple cobbler. However, more important was the discussion while we were there.

We discussed some of the interests of each of the students at dinner, as well as President Miller's interests. I won't go into details because you'll have to ask the stories for yourself. They allude to them at CW, but they deal with:

  1. racing pigeons
  2. Janis Joplin
  3. football

We also talked about some other random things. For instance, we found out that 80% of Olin students are first or only children. Plus, the Millers used to live in the midwest! Yay! I was very excited to hear that other people liked the Midwest.

More importantly we discussed some of the important issues for the college. Back in November, President Miller wrote a paper about future directions that Olin could take. This included ideas like adding a potential Bioengineering major, or a center for innovation education. We discussed this paper some and how there are many differing opinions of where Olin will be going over the next twenty years. One of my favorite parts of Olin is being able to talk to people about my opinions about what Olin will be in the future. It's a sign that I really do have an impact on the future of an entire college. Come to Olin expecting to take responsibility and help make decisions that will impact future students (although in turn, they will change what you've done for the next generation).

On a less fun note, since its going to be Spring Break. That means the workload is pretty heavy right now. I had tutorial packets due tonight, then a lab Wednesday, a coauthored paper Thursday, and other various assignments. What's keeping me going until the weekend right now is knowing how much I'll learn from this!


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