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Meena Vembusubramanian

Hey all,

I think I'm getting closer to ironing out what I want to do with my Arts and Humanities (AHS) Capstone project next year. Briefly, all Olin students are required to have an "AHS Concentration" in a non-technical field of their choice, as well as to complete an "AHS Capstone," which is typically time invested in a project or upper level course in the same area. The idea behind these programs is to ensure that our mad MATLAB and SolidWorks skills are supplemented with at least a moderate level of understanding and familiarity with some non-technical field of study.

While my concentration is going to be focussed on financial policy, I'm trying to do a Capstone project looking at how the concept of what is "acceptable" and "appropriate" to show in mainstream Indian media has changed over the recent past, especially in parallel with the accelerating effects of globalization on India's economy and culture.
So essentially, I am going to spend a semester thinking about what the call-centre generation, the John Welch Technology Centre in Bangalore, and Carrie Bradshaw have to do with Rani Mukherji kissing Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Also note that I'm going to be receiving credit for this -- I can't wait!

Also, as part of a Finance class I'm taking at Babson College this semester I read a book called Obscene Gestures of an Invisible Hand, by Jeffrey Trester. The author happens to be a grad-school classmate of our professor, which means we got to have him come speak to us this past week -- all the more appealing to the econ nerd in me, since he started out as a physics major at MIT, and went on to succeed in graduate work in physics at Yale before switching gears to a Wall Street career. So many interesting things to pursue in life, so little time!

Talking of options, since weekends, fun, and having a life at Olin are some of the most popular questions with every group of prospective students interested in Olin, here's a list of the different things going on just last night that I knew of:

1) Babson Knight Party -- just a normal dance hosted by Babson College, nothing medieval, no knights. (Facebook link)

2) Black and White Ball -- semi formal at Wellesley College.

3) A Capella concert at Wellesley College.

4) New Philharmonic Orchestra concert at Babson College.

Ditching all this, I decided to check out a salsa club in Cambridge with some friends. So now, in addition to being sore, sleep deprived and exposed to a new dance form, I'm mentally recharged and pumped to hit the books hard for one last week before Spring Break!

Take care,

- Meena

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