Back in the day, I wasn't even considering engineering. I didn't really know what it was, and besides, I was good at things besides math and science. In fact, it was my goal to go to RISD. When my mom found out that I was planning on applying to technical schools, she was wary.

"I can't see you on that campus," she would say, "you need to be somewhere artsy." Usually I would just mumble some response about liking the campus and move on, but I secretly worried about being too consumed with all things technical. Now, engineering at Olin definitely involves more math and science than I had ever seen at once, but that artsy side of things still exists.

In the past few weeks, I've attended two plays, a variety show, a fire poi show, one a cappella concert, one artist's talk, and one drag show all hosted by either Olin, Babson, or Wellesley. Pretty soon I'm going to another concert at Wellesley. As for actually doing things, I'm currently enrolled in an art class at Wellesley College and also a pottery co-curricular that allows me to use Babson's pottery facilities and supplies as much as I'd like. West Coast swing dancing lessons are something else I'm trying, though scheduling conflicts may prevent me from continuing. Beyond that, I've taken vocal lessons here, and I'm hoping to audition for both the upcoming talent show and a new a cappella group here. Basically, going to an engineering school doesn't mean that you have to only think about numbers.

It can be difficult at times to juggle all of this. The workload here is intense, and sometimes non-schoolwork activities can suffer. On top of that, I almost didn't get into my drawing class at all. If it is something you want, though, you are usually able to find opportunities, if not on campus then nearby, and make them work. My next goal? Find a place to learn glassblowing.

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