Farewell, Snow!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was a day that screamed for you to take a walk outside. It was a day where you could wear flip flops once more, and even walk barefoot if you wanted to. Yesterday reminded us that spring is almost here, at last. As nice as spring weather is, let's just take a moment to reminisce about the snow. As cold and bothersome as the winter can be, the snow has given us Oliners quite a few memories. The snow has brought us together during giant fort building days and pitted us against each other for snowball fights. It has forced us to shovel cars and made us go numb but also let us have fun. Yes, I admit I'm a Californian who might find snow more fascinating, but I still think snow has brought some interesting times to all of us here at Olin.

  1. Giant Snowman One: Remember the first giant snowman built this winter? The one that was about 10 feet tall and didn't get knocked down by anyone? If you were a part of this building team, congratulations!snowwalker.jpg
  2. Giant Fort One: This was the first giant fort, built the exact same time as the first giant snowman! It required a dozen people, some several hours, and giant blocks of ice. It became tall enough to successfully hide several people inside of it, and whatever else people decided to hide inside...
  3. Wrecking Ball, Giant Snowman Two: I think we can all say we remember this snowman. He started off as another giant 10 foot snowman braving the cold, until he was broken down by some fellow Babsoners in a very interesting way. The video of the snowman being broken apart, overlaid with "Wrecking Ball" is a true treasure. In fact, it inspired my Software Design team to create a video game in which the objective is to defend the Olin Snowman from the Babsoners. Lose, and you witness the wrecking ball scene once more.Snowman_Death.gif
  4. Candidate Bonding Fort: Of course, we had to show our candidates the Olin fort building spirit. Candidates weekend two, a bunch of Oliners and candidates got together to create another giant fort. Snow brought us together, you see?
  5. Snowball Fights, Snow Angels, and Games: Last but not least, we've had some great games in the snow. Whether you played football, made snow angels, or threw snowballs at your friends (or enemies), snow brought you some fun (and hopefully friendly) competition.

Clearly, snow has been a tool for some great adventures. Now it's time to say goodbye to the snow, but I'm sure we'll find other ways to create interesting memories. Until next year, let's always remember what snow brought us. Goodbye snow, and see you again next year.

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