Finding the Balance

Hello, everyone!

My name is Ariana, and I am a first year here at Olin. Things are super hectic around here as usual with projects and clubs and other cool stuff, and I am super excited to be here!

I’ve been think a lot about Pass/No Record recently. For those of you who don’t know, Pass/No Record is Olin’s policy where first semester first years do not receive grades in their classes. The only two options are passing the class or receiving no record of taking the class at all.

Pass/No Record is designed to allow first years to adjust to Olin’s workload and have fun without worrying too much about grades. It’s there for us to experiment and learn how much we are capable of doing, try ALL the clubs, and goof off. If you ever hang out with the first years, you’ll almost definitely hear someone shout “Pass/No Record!” at least once in reference to doing something cool like a club or an outing into Boston instead of doing work.

Everyone approaches Pass/No Record differently. Some of us will use it as an opportunity to focus on the classes we are most interested in, others will join a million extracurriculars to explore which clubs and activities we are interested in focusing on in later semesters. All approaches work for some Oliners and not for others. However, I think we can all agree that we are thankful to have Pass/No Record as a safety net as we are adjusting to the pace and workload of Olin.

I am approaching Pass/No Record as an opportunity to figure out the balance between work and fun stuff. I’m forming a work routine that I can stick to. I try to get good quality work turned in on time, but sometimes I overload myself and I have to scramble to turn in work that I know could be better had I given myself more time to complete it. However, I approach every rushed assignment as a learning opportunity. In the future, I will know better how to stay on top of my work and balance everything I have to do. Sometimes that means forcing myself to sit down and work when I could be goofing off, or admitting that maybe I don’t have enough time to do every club I had originally signed up for.

Pass/No Record is awesome because it allows new students to adjust to Olin life and explore their interests without stressing about bad grades. Everyone takes advantage of it differently, but any way you do it, you’ll end up learning a lot about yourself!

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SO much to do, so little time.

Why I love Pass/No Record. There’s so much to do and so little time!

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