First Snow of the Season

It’s my second year at Olin, meaning that I have seen snow before. I’ve thrown snowballs, built snowmen, and made snow angels. That’s all good and nice, and I’ve written about snow before, but why am I writing another piece about this fluffy white precipitation? Well, because last school year the first big snow happened in December while we were all at home, making it rather difficult to enjoy from my home in deep South Texas.

This year, however, it seems we’ve had our first sizeable snowfall. Yes, the day before the day before Thanksgiving break it snowed a good few inches! Enough to make, say, a 9-foot snowman.


Why the red light? I don’t know. Maybe it’s an anthropomorphic rendition of Rudolph.

Yep, it was a good snow. A bit unexpected, though, considering how it was more than a month earlier than last year’s first snow and about 3 months earlier than the first snow that could be thoroughly enjoyed by the 1st year class.

Basically, consider this a PSA for those of you who’ve yet to experience real weather. Bring a jacket.

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