A guilty conscience and a confused purpose…

Right, so we had a meeting of the bloggers today, and had an interesting discussion about the purpose of our ramblings here. I have a half written entry about my first alcoholic party saved that I was going to finish, but instead I'd like to take a moment to reflect on what we do here.

First, let me tell you about my audience. I like to address people. For the most part, I assume that it is prospective student and parents reading, so I usually tailor my comments to things that those groups might be interested it. We also have a strong current student and alumni following, but they have other ways of getting information other than this blog. Of course, we love the fact that they keep reading!!

Second, let me tell you what the "purpose" of this blog is. There is none. Admissions and Communications and told us to make a student blog. We're not even censored. So we've been kind of figuring it out together. We weren't even sure how often to post. We started with a once-a-week schedule, and pretty much everyone has broken this except the indomitable Jessi Murray. Right, so poorly defined project goals make for very interesting results.

Anyway, there are two types of blog entries that you've seen on this site: the type that sound like admissions literature, but based on student perspectives, and the type that just relate student experiences. I've been mostly the former, as I'm super-happy-Olin-cheerleader-guy, but I am now going to try out the latter. It might be better to let students draw their own conclusions based on my experiences, rather than drawing conclusion for them as I have done in the past. Tell me what you think.

In the end, this a blog about Olin in all its goodness and badness. Please keep commenting and telling us about the things you'd like to know. Thanks for reading.

-Jeff Moore, Olin Class of 2010


This is how sad you will make me if you don't comment and let us know who is reading and what you would like to hear from us, your Olinsiders.

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