Guitar Amps and Hair Dye

In my last post, I left off with a bit of a cliffhanger. Why, you might've asked, was my hair so strangely colored? Even if I didn't explain it then, the picture served a purpose. The mother of the very first candidate I really talked to, Dan, had read my entry about it and asked if I was one of the student bloggers. Her recognition took me a bit by surprise, but it was really cool to actually connect with a reader.Now that it's out there, though, I think that it's time to explain why my new nicknames are "Skittles" and "Rainbow-head." Here at Olin, we have something called the SERV Auction. Every year members of the Olin community put services, goods, and other things up for bid in either the silent or live auction. Unsure of what to donate, I went with the safe baked good route, then added a painting. Finally I decided to put something strange up for bid: my hair. The winners, who ended up being three of my friends, had full control over the color of my hair. This wasn't the weirdest item, but it certainly is one of the most obvious.

Is this typical? Maybe not. What it does relate to, though, is the Olin student's creativity in the way of having fun. I was doing my Software Design lab last night when one of my friends, Mike, came in to show me his newest creation. Mike recently purchased a bass guitar and needed a quiet amp to practice. Rather than buy something big and expensive, Mike picked up Make Magazine and built one using some Radioshack parts, a Ritz cracker box, and an op-amp. The results are impressive.

It makes me really happy when my classmates just do weird things for fun. At Olin, it's probably one of the few things that comes close to "typical."

I think this is all for today- next week I'll probably talk about my CW adventures. I loved meeting you all last weekend, and can't wait until Friday to meet the next batch!

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