Has it really been that long?!

It's been over two months and I can't believe it. It seems like orientation was simultaneously yesterday and a couple years ago. But it's the middle of November and Thanksgiving break is rolling around, and I'm excited to go back home to see family and friends.

Life here doesn't ever stop; it's so exciting. I've joined so many clubs, tried so many new things, and am busy almost every second of the day. My brain has finally kicked back into action-and now it's time for my first break. I wonder what the world will be like from my changed perspective.

I have learned a vast amount in such a short period of time. I can CAD quite a bit on Solidworks, and have started to understand MATLAB. Photography is awesome, and I can finally operate my Canon 50 D camera easily and use Adobe Lightroom to edit. I'm still having a bit of trouble with Mod Con(Modeling and Controls-- lots of acronyms here), but I'm slowly getting to a point I'm comfortable with.

The stress of course registration has passed, and this week is crunch time, so that I can relax during Thanksgiving Break. That doesn't mean I will stop working, though. During break I will be CAD-ing for Transporters(our Design Nature project), talking to my partner for my Mod Sim project (railgun and perhaps magnus forces?), and probably Latex-ing another lab(Mod-Con). But it's not just work anymore; it's more like something I am passionate about and am happy to do.

I feel like I am finally able to balance my life with my work with my sleep to have a happy medium (closer to mean actually) and enjoy what I am doing. I have learned a lot after these months like being behind on work is a pain, bribing yourself with sleep is effective, and friends are the people who you hang out with even when speaking English becomes difficult.

But most of all I have realized that even though life here hurtles forward at a breakneck place, I'm satisfied here. I continue to look forward to the rest of my 4 years at Olin.


Here is a picture of my ballet slippers. Ballet is my Passionate Pursuit which I get funding for. I took this picture with my 50D and purposefully captured all the shadows. In addition to ballet, I have joined two project teams(Mini-Baja/AERO), OFAC(fire arts club where I am learning  fire-hoops), Blues, Frankly Speaking(editor for this school newspaper), and started my own club. No wonder I'm sleep deprived, right?

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