Hello World - Hello Sunshine


It's summer in Boston, with plenty of sunshine, and the semester is officially finished today with the end of Olin Exposition (Expo)!  The next event on my outlook calender has been "GO HOME", a whole day event planned for tomorrow. Finals were done last Thursday, and most people stayed a bit longer for Expo today. 

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Pralines

To end my passionate pursuit in Chocolate making, I made some blueberry pralines and chocolate mousse with macaroon cake today.. Although I didn't make them in time to present at Expo, I listened to the fantastic Olin quartet play Shostokovich's no.8 string quartet during my supposed presentation time instead. They played so professionally, that combined with the scenery from the dance studio on third floor Academic Center, is an experience quite out of this world. 

 Olin String Quartet playing at Expo

I feel very proud to be an Olin student, seeing all the cool things presented at Expo to the community and visitors. My favorite projects were the Ski Winch:

"In true adventuring style, we built a winch to aid in easing the boredom and

monotony of winter days. Able to pull us across the snow quickly with a cute
6.5 hp motor, it produces endless fun for any day you don't want to do

It deserves the "Best at playing" award. The other one is a rocket engine that my fellow freshman classmates built that uses acrylic tube as fuel and produces a cute orange flame. 

What I like about Olin the most is that everyone is excited about building and engineering, just as I am, and I can learn a lot from upperclassman who are very willing to teach us.. It's quite impossible to get bored here, even when classes have ended. For example, last friday was Build Day, and I welded my first parts under the instructions of Janie, a graduating senior. The bright green light that the melted metal produced is very cool to look at. Everyone can get trained with the machine shop equipments (Mill, Lathe, Welding stations.. etc). The procedure just involves reading, taking a quiz, doing a training session with Peter, our super friendly machine shop guy, and making a test piece. 

As fun as Olin has been, it's time to say hello to the world outside and summer! I will be doing an internship at Dassault Systems in Waltham (30 mins away from here), and I'm super excited to learn to fly a plane in the summer! 

Hope you all enjoy summer :)


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