Honor, and foolishness

I got an e-mail the other day that I wanted to pass along. It was sent out to all students - the body is copied below:

"I found a 20 dollar bill in the 3E hallway that fell sometime between 1 and 1:20 PM. It's on my desk if it's yours."

It's good to see that at five years old, Olin's Honor Code is still going strong. I honestly don't know of too many other places where doing the right thing so completely trumps finders-keepers.

That might seem like just one random event, but I think it's actually a great example of Olin's Honor Code in action. It's really quite amazing whenever I stop to think about the culture we've developed here. Most of the time, I think we all take for granted just exactly how good we have it. It has almost become cliche to talk about leaving laptops, Wiis or cash unattended in a lounge, and self-timed take-home tests are routine.

I think that's a good thing. It's encouraging to see that integrity and respect are nothing remarkable or out-of-the-ordinary, but simply part of the DNA here. Quite honestly, it's one of my favorite things about Olin.

Of course, even at Olin things aren't perfect. For instance, I'm sorry to report that due to a contingent of Sir Alexander Fleming wanna-bes, the West Hall kitchen refrigerator is going away for a while. But on the whole, I think we've got something special going here - and I hope that's still just as true at the fiftieth anniversary as it is at the fifth.

Picture time!

I haven't gotten out with my camera much due to the long weekend, but I thought I'd post some of my shots of California day, which Jeff so eloquently blogged about last week. We got our first real snow last week, so there have been ample opportunities for slipping and sliding about (I must confess that I'm posting so late in the evening because I went snowboarding today).

California Day

"Chilling" on the Great Lawn

Locked out

Whoops, no room for your prox card in those trunks!

Like everyone else, I'm really excited to see some of you at Candidate's Weekend this weekend. I know you're all going to have a great time, and I wish you nothing but good luck. Look me up and say hi while you're here!

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