Laundry day

Howdy blogsters! I'm back from spring break - and just a little sunburned!

Today was a getting-chores-done kind of day, so I'm writing this post from the laundry room in East Hall. If you think that sounds like a pretty mundane topic, you're right... except that this is laundry: Olin style.

The laundry tech-stravaganza starts with a quick visit to LaundryView, a website that lets me check the status of all the laundry rooms on campus. That's right, no wasted trips to the basement for me: I can find out exactly which washers and driers are free from the comfort of my desk chair.


My dirty laundry, on the Internet

Since there were plenty of machines free (it's nice to go to a small school), I head downstairs and load up my clothes. You do have to pay for laundry (tuition's still free though), but no quarters required. To start the machines, I just swipe my student ID card (which coincidentally also holds my meal plan, extra dining dollars, and gives me proximity access to all the buildings) and my account is debited.

Next it's back upstairs to wait for the cycle to finish. I don't need to worry about checking my watch, though - LaundryView will instant message me when my clothes are done. In the meanwhile, I used up the last of my convenience dollars on the washers, so I go online and add funds from a credit card so I can pay for the driers later.

Yes, we live in pretty amazing times. It's great to have such a wired campus, but who knew laundry could be so high-tech?

BONUS - Since I'm down here, check out some pictures of the facilities in the basement of East Hall (click for larger versions)

Laundry room

Laundry room

Exercise room small

Exercise room (TV, treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, stationary bike, exercise machine)

Music practice

Music practice room

Bike room

Bike room

Easy choice

Rinse cold, tumble dry? Even I can figure this one out!

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