Learning How to Breathe: Candidates' Weekend Edition

It's been a busy couple of weekends as Candidates flood the campus with their excitement and curiosity. I won't lie... having more people over has been lots of fun but has also made my life undeniably busy. The first Candidates' Weekend I had more time to spend with people but with each progressive weekend more work hits me. Unfortunately for you Candidates who are coming this weekend, this means I only have a limited time to spend with you. Don't worry, though! I'm sure you will still have an exciting time with other Oliners (who perhaps have less work)who continue to carve out time to find out how cool you guys are.

But this post is not really about Candidates' Weekend( I just felt the need for a little tangent). As the beginning of the last Candidates' Weekend draws near, I would like to take a moment to reflect a little bit about life during the week at Olin. Can you believe it's only a month since Winter Break ended and I've already(as per Olin norm) managed to overschedule myself?

That being said, this time around, it only took a couple weeks for me to wisen up and drop the activities I'm less passionate about in favor of more sleep and well... general health and sanity. With the brutal murder of pass no record, I feel the need to be more awake to efficiently tackle my work.

This unfortunately does mean I've dropped Baja Racing, and that Blues Dancing has become the occasional treat, time permitting. But prioritizing has allowed me to take some time to relax. (Dare I say it?)

You see, dear reader, I have something to confess. I- I've fallen in love with ice skating.*cues blushing* I've always loved to relax rollerblading but due to the copious amounts of snow/ice/wind...and well general New England winter I can't. Also the draw of free admission to Babson/Olin students was too much for me to resist.

I think I've skated over 9hrs in the last 2 weeks...which I realize is an extreme amount. But I find it extremely cathartic. It's a step toward me learning how to care for myself mentally without the help of anyone else. You see, what I've found at Olin is that it's easier to get all your work done than it is to remember to take care of yourself and your mental sanity. 

So I've been trying to remember to cut myself some slack. The other day( the Thursday we had off because of Candidates' Weekend), I took a day to just breathe. I slept, re-read Ender's Game (which is a brilliant book that you must read if you haven't...even if the author was a terrible person) and watched all the hulu episodes of shows I could. I guess what I'm trying to say is don't forget to take a break, fall behind momentarily, and take care of yourself. I promise it will help you be more productive in the long run.

Juanita Desouza



P.S I think ice skating will be my passionate pursuit this semester. I've already bought skates and used them over 5 times.

P.P.S  Here's a video of my current favorite skater.


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