On learning not to be at Olin

Having now been in Florence for a month, I've finally sort of adjusted. There are some things that are still a little weird. For one thing, I'm used to doing this:


not this:


This is fun, of course, but it's a completely different way of thinking. While here, I'm taking studio, language, and art history classes. I've always been used to working constantly, for striving for perfection. In the darkroom or the easel, there isn't perfection, and for a while I was very frustrated.

This semester is good for me, in this way. I'm still spending plenty of time working (though, admittedly much less than I'm used to), but I'm learning how to work with different parts of my mind and different skills overall. I'm still using my self-learning skills, taking extra Italian lessons on for no credit. I've also been given a lot of free-reign with my artwork for my painting course this semester, so I'm learning about pushing an idea, and learning about myself.


This isn't to say that I'm not having fun. Again, I had some difficulty at first- feeling jet-lagged, lonely, and foreign. After learning some more Italian and making some more friends, things are much better. I've been going on trips, seeing movies (in English, even), and learning the streets of Florence.


This week was a little intense, with a big photo project due, then a trip to Cinque Terre. Right now, though, I am relaxing; some cleaning, some painting, and maybe a little music are enough for today. All in all, things are going well.



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