Let the games begin…

Hey all- sorry about the lack of posts last week. As Ellen mentioned, it was spring break, a time when you realize how wonderful having a wired campus is.

Currently the campus is something else too- namely, extremely paranoid. Why is this? Because SAC (the Student Activities Committee) is sponsoring their annual Mafia game. Students form families, headed by a don, and try to stay alive while hunting down another family. Every participating student is issued a small water gun. The trick is that they have to somehow get it without being seen, even though the box is located in a main lounge. At first I didn't think that the game would affect things so much, but people have been getting more and more into it. Information has been exchanged or hoarded, students are turning on their roommates, and even a simple hug could be your death. I think this is the first time I've seen some doors locked.

All of this is headed by the Godfather himself, a fellow by the name of Erik.

The first message from the Godfather.

As I write this, a student just walked by holding a webcam that's broadcasting his surroundings to his roommate, just to make sure that he always has an impartial witness. There's a splash of water on the glass window, and I've already been asked to escort one of my classmates to his room.Paranoia shows on the whiteboardsThe weapon of choiceI may have already died, but I'm certainly enjoying this. SAC sponsors all sorts of things, from dances (including one this Saturday that is Masquerade-themed) to movie outings, but this has been one of my favorites so far. Things like these make me appreciate how close Olin's size makes its students- even when they're trying to shoot each other.
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