LocatiOlin: Olin's Campus, Needham, and Boston

Hi OLINsider! Mads '22 here. You might remember me as the author of the “Taking the T” and “Apple Picking!” blogs. “Taking the T” is adjacent to speaking about location, so I recommend you read it too if this blog piques your interest!

When I think about when location matters, I think first of residential location, and secondly of job location. College is a combination of both home and (school)work, so it follows that college location would be important. Olin is located in Needham, MA. It's right next to Babson College, and it’s less than 20 miles from Boston’s center.

The first part of location is Olin’s campus itself. It’s made up of five main buildings, two of which are dorms - West Hall and East Hall. All of our classes are held in the Academic Center, we eat in the Campus Center, and the Library and most of the academic offices are located in Milas Hall. It generally takes a maximum of five minutes to get from any one building on campus to another. Small campus? Definitely. Stuffy and cramped? Not at all!

See, Olin shares facilities and some spaces with Babson College. We Oliners have access to their gym, their dining hall, their library, their sports fields, and their clinic. Besides Babson’s facilities, Olin has access to a plot of land called Parcel B. It’s about 30 acres of woods, fields, and ponds. Home to a variety of wildlife, plants, and fungi, it’s a really nice place to walk around and relax either alone or with friends.

Parcel B

A scene from Parcel B.

Then there’s the surrounding town itself, Needham. Needham is home to Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, CVS, and various local restaurants and stores. It’s about a 10-15 minute bike ride to the town’s center from the free-to-borrow Go Bike program Olin is a part of. There are festivals and fairs held there; a month ago a few of us went together and got local produce and food. Everyone I’ve met there has been very friendly, and a lot of dog owners walk their pets around Needham, so it can be a great place to hang out if you want some pup time! Olin is about equally close to the town of Wellesley as it is to Needham. Like Needham, it has local restaurants, stores, and a few chain stores as well.

Finally, Olin is close to Boston! Boston is really big and has so much stuff to do! Yesterday Alex ‘22 and I went into Boston’s Chinatown, spur of the moment, to get dinner and Boba. It’s so easy to get to! Navigating around Boston isn’t hard, either, especially if you have a smart phone. Boston is a hub for so many unique restaurants, stores, museums, and experiences. It also, of course, has many stores and restaurants that can be found all over America. For instance, I estimate that there are between 50 and 500 Dunkin Donuts locations in Boston! Maybe on the lower end of that… but there are a lot. Point is: Boston is an awesome city with a wide variety of stuff to do.

Mads and Alex in Chinatown

Alex '22 and I getting dinner in Chinatown. 

So Olin has a really fun location, in my opinion! It offers a lot of possibilities of things to experiences. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at myoung@olin.edu. I’d love to talk!

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