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Meena Vembusubramanian

Hey all,

First off I apologise for being a complete lazy bum about blogging for the past couple weeks. They've been pretty crazy for me with putting out the Annual Review, CORe elections, transition etc. Congratulations and good luck to Jeff, who is now our new VP, and the lucky one to deal with all this here on.

I also attended the Society of Women Engineer's (SWE) Region F conference this past weekend. At this conference, Olin's SWE Chapter successfully put in a bid to host next year's regional conference AT OLIN! I'm pretty psyched about this from both a personal perspective, as well as from an Olin student perspective.

From my perspective because this means that we get some say in the sessions and activities that are offered as part of the conference. I've attended one national and one regional SWE conference thus far, and in my limited exposure, I've been pretty disappointed with the topics, impact and
attitude of some of the sessions. I feel like given the number of incredibly intelligent and talented men and women attending these conferences, we have the potential to host much more effective sessions. Sure this means that we might have to step on some toes to address the issues that are front-centre controversial today, sure this means that we might have to shelve tried-and-tested talks to design new sessions from scratch -- but, hey, what else would you expect from Olin students?

I'm also excited from a little more selfish Olin perspective because of the number and caliber of individuals this event is going to bring on campus. This year, over 150 collegiate SWE members, 100 professional SWE members and over 20 companies were present at the conference. This is going to be a great chance for us to share the Olin story and show off our funky new school. Woo!

Talking about people hearing of our school, a couple of us were socialising at MIT this past weekend, and almost everyone I talked to responded with an "oh, you must be smart," or "wow", or "yeah, I applied there too" when we mentioned that we're students at Olin. This is a HUGE change from two years ago, when we'd responses ranging from "what's that?" to "are you in Massachusetts on vacation?" to "uh-huh, sure." My all time favourite is definitely still the dude that tried to convince me that he knew someone that graduated from Olin "a couple years ago" back in Fall 2004. It's going to be a long long time before I stop being excited about running into people that either recognize or are interested in Olin. In fact, I wonder if it will ever get old.

Also, here's a picture of a crazy police station in Boston that we drove past on our way to the SWE conference:

Police station
That's all I've got for now, thanks for reading!

- Meena

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