Maintaining the Balance

Jennifer Anderson '16
Olin College student blog



You've probably seen this diagram before if you live on the Internet as much as I do. I, however, think it's completely unfounded. If you do things right.

  1. Sleep. Honestly, that should always be your number 1 priority. If you need sleep, get sleep, no matter what is due tomorrow.
  2. Don't procrastinate. That is the biggest enemy of number 1. I'm not going to say that I've never started a paper on the day before it was due, but even then you start it at 9 in the morning, not 9 at night. That's an extra 12 hours of work time.
  3. Take breaks. You really can't do a solid 8 hours of work and still feel good about it. Taking breaks also helps you reboot your concentration.
  4. Make time for yourself. Do something that relaxes you. Honestly, I like organizing my room to de-stress. Or running around playing Frisbee. Whatever works for you.
  5. Smile. Laugh. It really helps (see science).
  6. Don't worry about everything all at once. It really helps to concentrate on going through things systematically. I have a list I write down every day of what I need to do, and just check them off as I get them done (what can I say, I'm old fashioned--still using paper lists)
  7. Don't sweat the little stuff. Really, no one cares if the color schemes of the lines of your graphs are coordinated. Just let Matlab decide and go. You will still get an A if you did the project as well as I know you did.
  8. Go outside. Do things. Whether "outside" for you just means outside your dorm room, or if it means take a trip into town or whatever.
  9. Be nice. Nice to your classmates, nice to your professors, nice to everybody you do things with. It feels good, and it will help them to like you back. +1 to Social Life.
  10. Have FUN! As much as possible, do things that you find fun and interesting. It will keep you motivated and you'll have a better time overall.


Obviously, all of these are just my opinion, but they've seemed to serve me well enough through three years of college so far. Good luck to all of you.




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