Miscellaneous goings-on

I'm going to make this a bit list-y. That way, others can fill in better details about events as the week goes on.

1) In reference to the game of mafia Jessi has been describing- there've been a few completely off the wall events. My team is still in, and we've been subject to some interesting stuff. We've had a 4:30am window break-in (totally legit, we knew they were mafia people and not robbers or something), and we've also escaped to Boston College so no one would be able to shoot us. How nice to be able to have 60 other colleges to hide at.

2) In reference to this week, it's been pretty long. Room draw is coming up- that should be exciting. We have a points system so people can choose their room based on rank (senior-junior-sophomore) and their random luck.

3) ExpressO Black is Tuesday- an uncensored version of the characteristic Olin ExpressO (very much like the variety show during Candidates' Weekend, except uncensored.)

4) Big Conversations are happening this week. Amy Smith from MIT is coming to be the keynote address, and then there will be break out sessions.

5) Phoenix Fest is Saturday- also known as a big party thrown by CORe for Olin students. It should end up being a lot of fun.

So- over and out, as I am in Chemistry class and our 10 minute break is ending! Hope everyone has a great week!


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