On My Own

Summer is here, and the 9-5 work day has begun. This summer is a different experience from those in the past, primarily because I'm living on my own. I'm working for an email and web hosting company as a "Creative Consultant"- basically this means I make their sales and marketing stuff, then write HTML or do QA (ie. try to break the email and record the bugs) in between.

This was essentially what I did last summer as well, so adjusting to the work atmosphere hasn't been too difficult. I now share an office with Steve ('06), which is pretty fun and very loud.

What has been an adjustment has been the sort of dealing with landlords and older houses on my own. I'm living in Jamaica Plain, one of Boston's neighborhoods, this summer with two Simmons College students. When I moved in, I found out that we had only intermittent electricity- we eventually found out that a circuit breaker had partially melted.

After mice, no internet, a heat wave, and a lot of paint, the place is starting to be a lot more homey. My room is getting nicer even a bit less bare than this photo indicates:


Now that the house is getting closer, I've been wandering around the neighborhood more. I've found festivals, parks, hippie stores, and ponds nearby, and I'm really enjoying the city. It's very different from Olin, but I still have Oliners- which are really the best part of the college- nearby.


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