My Summer Plans

First, my apologies to the other bloggers for blogging twice in a row. However, it has been one week, and the Jessi Murray's constant admonishments for not blogging continue to haunt my most frightening dreams.

Now, onto my summer plans:

1) Pass Classes, leave Olin: Alright so I'm not sure about that first part. Grades aren't posted until Friday. However, the really strange part is that I just don't care. In high school I was really really obsessive about my grades. I would constantly check them to ensure that I was on track for an A or A+. Now it is more "Meh." I know that I put in as much effort as I could towards my classes, and I trust my professors to award me appropriately. I did not really go above and beyond, as my passions and excitements are in student government, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a B average. That would have killed my in high school. Now I'm exuberant. As for leaving Olin, well, that was rougher than I had expected. First, packing sucks. To all incoming freshmen: BRING FEW THINGS and buy less. You'll just have to pack them later, and that's hard. Graduation was inspiring (I teared up a few times), but I'll let someone else cover that. Finally it was time to leave Boston. 3 canceled flights and 24 hours past my expected arrival time, I arrived in Dallas. Oh yea, that's a funny story. No really, I was laughing all the way through the 2 2-hour-long rescheduling lines. Ask me about it some time. Haha. *GLARE*

2) Go to Texas, Pass Go, Collect a new vehicle: Right, so current I am in Dallas, TX visiting my dad and working on my new Jeep with him. It rocks so hard. "It" meaning both the Jeep and the working. My dad's a car guy, and I've not been, so he's teaching me a lot. So many things I needed to know. It's actually a lot of fun. And Jeeps are super cool, very customizable. See previous post for a picture. I'm having a blast. But alas, I am also taking up too much of the front page. Please click below to read more:

3) Drive, Baby, Drive: So after we get the Jeep tuned up, I'll be heading north to Erie, PA to visit my grandparents there. That's two very long says of driving. Wish me luck. Traditionally, Oliners taking road trips can ask who lives along their route to get free room and board for various nights. I really should have done it, but didn't get around to that in time. Plus, sleezy motels are part of the fun, too. There are quite a lot of Olin people across the country, so if I'm ever in a bind, I know there will be someone to call.

4) Visit grandparents: Fairly self-explanatory.

5) Drive to Boston: Again, not much to it. Long day of driving. I-90 all the way. That's right, I-90, not "The 90" as Californians would call it. For all the Californians reading this (like Nikki) just know that you're weird. ANYWAY, yep, I-90 all the way. Fun fact: Seattle and Boston are the beginning and end of I-90, meaning I've been to both, and it's really just one road all the way from my house to school. I still haven't come up with a catchy nickname to express that.

6) Do a super-cool internship: Alright, this is the real reason I wrote this entry, to talk about my internship. I'll be working with Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates ( this summer up in Gloucester, MA (that's pronounced Gla-ster or Gla-stah for Boston natives, not Glow-kester), which is 50 miles from Olin, where I'll be living, hence the road-tripping vehicle. I'm basically in the coolest post-Freshmen year internship every. They hired me to help them write a software emulator of the super-complex semiconductor fabricators they produce. I have to understand how these things work so that I can write each of their individual parts as things that interact with each other. I am so very excited. Here's the downside: I don't know C++. Mind you, I can think like a programmer, and understand object-orientation just fine. But my programming vocabulary is similar that that of a one-year old's. I've got little more than Matlab. I explained this to my employer, and they're cool with it. They trust me to learn quickly. I firmly believe that I sold myself on my school's reputation more than my own. Really, though I have a very strong resume, I'm not well suited for the position. I think that the idea of an Olin engineer convinced my employer that I could do anything. Yea, I'm okay with that.

7) Interact with the other quarter or so of Olin that's in the Boston area: I'm looking forward to it. Like I've said before, Olin has super cool people, but it's hard to find time to just hang-out. I expect this summer to rock. Last year, they inflated water craft and boated the Charles. Yea, I'm not just excited, I'm super excited. *Shudders of Excitement*

8) Visit my family in Seattle for 2 weeks: I feel bad that this time is not longer. First, I decided to go to school 3,000 miles away from my mother and little sister. Then I decided to spend my summer at an internship said distance + 50 miles away. Both were opportunities too good to pass down, but it does hurt not to be able to see them as often. However, I will totally make the most out of those 2 weeks. Summary: Olin is worth living across the country, but I wouldn't call it easy.

9) Return to Olin: I'm already looking forward to it. There's a facebook group called "I get Olin sick." Too true, too true.

Since I really don't have pictures this week, I'll post something from, one of my new favorite websites to which I was recently introduced. It now owns my soul. Enjoy!

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