Oh Nos! I get to post. =)

Yay student weblog!! I have only been waiting for this moment since before winter break. So what should this student weblog do? Ellen seems to be covering user's chioce, so it seems that I'll just be talking at you; probably current events from the view of member of the class of 2010. I'll probably throw in a little bit of "Oh man you know you're at Olin when..." or "Man, I super heart Olin because..." Let's face it, this is an admissions weblog, after all. There's probably not a big audience for "Today in CORe we deabted the line item for club x because..."

Anyway, first things first, if you're on Facebook, don't look me up, I never update. But do look at a few of the Olin Facebook groups. We do things a little differently around here.

I suppose I'll wait for people to comment, though, before I write more. We're HUGE on feedback here, and if you don't comment, so help me, I will FIND you at Candidate's Weekend.

See you next Thursday!

-Jeff Moore

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