Olin or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the weekend

Here at Olin we can have some pretty intense work weeks. After five days of reading, coding, and designing, the weekends are beautiful. I never realized the full potential of weekends until I got to college. Now, all of my friends are a few steps down the hall. Want to watch a movie? Visit Olinbuster and grab a lounge! Don't feel like planning something? SAC usually has something up their sleeves. Need a change in scenery? Find some friends and head over to the T. The weekend is the time when the fact that I am in college hits me the hardest.

Sometimes it's difficult to stop thinking about all the things I will have to do. This was especially hard during the beginning of the year, when I was still getting adjusted to the workload. I know better now; worrying ruins a perfectly good weekend.

Sometimes, a "perfectly good" weekend can turn into something more.

As Ellen just posted, Candidates' Weekend 1 is this weekend. A lot of you are probably are incredibly excited about this, completely freaking out from nerves, or are somewhere in the middle. This post is partially to turn those nerves into excitement; basically, stop worrying and love the weekend.

With the knowledge that it has been almost a year since my own CW, a lot of my classmates and I have been talking about our experiences. One thing that stuck out to me was the level of anxiety that some people seemed to experience. Even more, I was amazed at how crazy interviews made some people. How can you avoid the indigestion and have as great a CW as I did? Easy.

  • You already got into CW. Admissions thinks you are pretty excellent already. All you have to do is confirm this.
  • Act like yourself, and admissions will have a pretty good idea of whether you would fit well here. Rehearsing responses or trying to put on an act is more likely to hurt than help you. Go with the flow.
  • CW isn't just about the interview. It might seem like the end all, but really, CW is for you to have fun and learn about whether Olin fits you. Take the time to meet people, hang out, and eat lots of cookies.
  • Remember that one slip-up or being jet-lagged isn't going to kill your chances. The interview teams know that people sometimes say ridiculous things. One of my classmates, for example, told her interviewer that he hadn't blinked in two minutes.

Candidates' Weekend can be amazing if you let it. For me, it was all I could talk about for months afterward. Talk to people, have fun, and don't worry. This can be the beginning of a series of wonderful weekends with college friends. Let it be great, and it will be great. Good luck, everyone! I'll probably see you at Design Build- I did something this weekend that will probably make me stand out a bit more...

But that's a story for next week.

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