Olin students are…different.

(Alright, week two as a Saturday poster. Good-bye Thursdays, hello weekend. Woot.)

Wow, doesn't that title sound like something from an admissions guide? Let me define quickly: though I could talk about our students in a "college view book" sort of way, in this case I mean "just plain strange."

Here's a perfect example: my neighbors (and me also) in WH2E (West Hall, 2nd Floor, East Wing). Sometime during 1st semester we decided that our public spaces would be best served by a preschool theme. I believe this started when Bryce "Not Bruce" Lee found some foam children's toys at the Wellesley dump. It just went from there. During Candidates' Weekend, we even put butcher paper up on our walls so that we could draw on them. It's amazing. The final touch is the play-doh zoo at the end of the hall. I suppose some pictures would help.

East Wing Roxors

How about some more pictures?

East Wing Bios

For CW2, we decided to post biographies of ourselves. Some of the facts may have been...how shall I say...stretched.

East Wing Aminals

This is our zoo and bowling pins. Good times.


And finally, our many answers to the question 1+1. Mine's the long-winded one that you can't read, going one about how it depends on the existence of God, etc. etc. It's...well...yea...

Keep in mind that everything we do is perfectly okay by school policy. In order to avoid fire hazards, only a certain percentage of the wall may be covered, and (I believe) we're within that percentage. Previously we had Christmas lights up, but were asked to take them down for fire safety reasons. We complied and made the hallway even better. *NOTE: MORAL OF THE STORY COMING...MAY BE CHEESY. THOSE AVERSE TO CHEESY ENDINGS OUGHT TO LEAVE NOW* That's yet another thing I love about Olin: the administration here gives us as much leeway as they safely can, with the assumption that we will act in a trustworthy manner. This trust really lets us express ourselves socially and academically. It's amazing.

For a second example, I will just reference the amp-in-a-Ritz box that Jessi beat me to blogging about. That amp was made by Mike "The Beard" Taylor who is also renowned for riding his unicycle everywhere, for dancing to fulfill an assignment requirement (Here), and for being extremely disappointed during orientation when he realized that the moratorium on heating devices in the dorms prevented his using his soldering iron in his room.

Yea, never a dull moment at Olin. Hoo-rah.

-Jeff Moore, Class of 2010

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