Packing Up and Moving Out

This upcoming weekend is a big one: Commencement and then move-out. Over the past few days, I've been wrapping things up for sophomore year. To be honest, this year was a rough one for me, but its ending is still bittersweet. While there has been stress, sickness, and all sorts of craziness, the time has still been flying by. Within a few days, I will be halfway done with my undergraduate career.

How has the end been?

It was a frantic finish, with UOCD (User Oriented Collaborative Design) dominating the lives of all of the sophomores. The night before the final design review, we ended up using class funds to order pizza for the students working late into the night.

Pizza Crowd

People ran out, and the pizza was gone almost immediately.

Pizza I was sort of impressed at the speed, though some people were less than pleased that they didn't get as much.

Once that late night was over, we could all breathe a bit better. While there were still many papers to edit, finals to study for, and projects to finish, one class was down. UOCD was by far the heaviest course I had this semester, though not necessarily the most difficult. I very much enjoyed this class- though I often wished it didn't result in so many late nights.

In any case, UOCD was nice in that the final design review was before the finals period, giving more time for preparing for other classes. During this time I had to run around preparing for next semester as well. This is one of the more sad parts of the end of the year- seeing my room get more and more empty and sterile, realizing that I won't see many people for at least 7 months, if not much more.

In the end, though, the sadness means that new things are also coming. Next semester I will be in (and blogging from!) Florence, Italy, where I will be attending an art program. For a semester I will escape the late nights crunching numbers, trading them in for late nights steaming hats and painting portraits.

Before that, however, I'll be writing during the summer as we transition to some new bloggers, including (eventually) some of the class of 2012. Talk to you later, all.


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