Random Junk Digest, vol. 52

Salutations, blogonauts!

There's been so much great stuff going on in the past week that I can't possibly limit myself to just one topic. So, strap yourself in for a thrill-ride through one wild week at Olin.

Trivia Night

Last Thursday, we had a school-wide trivia competition. Faculty, students, and staff participated, and all the proceeds went to support our Senior Week activities (more about those in future posts, I'm sure). Our very own Professor Chris Morse produced and em-cee'd the event, and long-time Trivial club president Adam College did the scoring (he was banned from competition because he is too good). Questions ranged from ancient history (the Colossus of Rhodes, I got it right) to Disney (the Fox and the Hound are named Copper and Todd, I got it right) to pop music ("cricket... cricket..."). The winners took home a $100 gift certificate to a favorite local restaurant, and prizes generously donated by parents were raffled off all night long. Our team didn't win, but we still placed respectably.

Habitat for Humanity

We had our last Habitat for Humanity build of the semester this past weekend. We got a lot of work done (in the literal force*distance sense - we were carrying bricks and rocks up a steep hill to build a retaining wall!) and had a fun time. A special treat: some students from neighboring Wellesley College were there too, so we got to work with them.

Hard-working Habitat crew

The intrepid crew: (left to right) Nancy Doremus ('08), Doug Ellwanger ('08), Javier Zapanta (Olin web developer), Erik Kennedy ('10), and Kristen Dorsey ('07)

Sitting on the wall we helped build

Sitting atop our hard work

A quick Habitat plug: April 16-22 is Act! Speak! Build! Week. A!S!B! week is a time for students to "educate themselves and their communities and move people to social action". It's also a great time for you to find out more about getting involved with Habitat, or, if you're already involved, to help spread the word.

Phoenix Fest

Last weekend was also the second annual Phoenix Fest, a distinctly Olin tradition. This year it featured such fun events as the 30-second student video competition (hilarious), an eating contest (hot dogs and pie, no hands), a barbecue, and a huge bonfire. Given the average Oliner's busy schedule, it's rare that we all get a chance to just relax and hang out en masse. Whenever we do, it always reminds me just how thankful I am to be in such good company.

Olin students around the bonfire

Everyone gathered 'round the bonfire

Study Breaks

One of my duties (perhaps my favorite one) as a Resident Resource (R2) is to periodically hold study breaks - fun events that let students take a break from their books. This time, we were serving milkshakes. After I got back from the store with gallons upon gallons of ice cream and milk, all the R2s set to work taking orders, chopping fruit, scooping, and blending away. It really was a sight to behold, a well-oiled ice cream dream team. And R2s aren't the only ones to host study breaks - just tonight, the Chinese club and SAC sponsored a Boba tea study break.

Boba tea study break

Boba tea study break

Well, I think I've used up way more than my fair share of bits for the week (If you've made it this far, you definitely get a gold star). I didn't even get to talk about all the goings-on this week: dinner at President Miller's house, Monster Mini Golf, and all sorts of elections on campus, just to name a few of the things I missed. I'll leave it to my capable partners in crime to fill in the gaps, and I'll bid you farewell until next time.

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