Reflections Between Semesters

Sup, this is Serna and this a piece I wrote after getting home during Winter Break (Spring Break just ended). I talk a bit about the dining situation and life during college. Enjoy.

Hey, it's Erika, writing from home in Texas.


It's been twenty-four hours since I have gotten home and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I'm currently sick with a cold, so I've been sleeping a lot. I slept on the plane ride and I've taken several naps.

I think my body is just resetting from the plane and the fact that I got an extra hour now. (There's an hour time difference between Boston and Texas).


Legit though, my mom is overfeeding me. She made me several breakfast tacos when I got home at midnight 'cause I didn't really eat all day. Then I had beef tamales for breakfast (she had made me scrambled eggs with cheese but I couldn't eat that 'cause of my medication), she made enchiladas for lunch, and then she made chicken salad for dinner.

I enjoyed the taste of food I hadn't had in a long time. I enjoyed eating two meals with my mom. My family works weird schedules, so eating meals together is scarce unless everyone has the day off.

That got me thinking about how much I appreciate that about Olin. Whenever you go eat, you know someone you can sit with. Yeah, they may judge the yogurt and tater tot combo, but it is nice eating with people and socializing.

And sometimes when I get nervous, I'll text a friend or check the lounge for someone to go eat with. I rarely have to eat by myself at Olin.

When I do, 'cause I'm rushing or I should probably be at work, in class, or working for a class, there's a counter in the dining hall where you can sit by yourself and not feel weird.

Our dining hall also lets you purchase a to-go container that is exchangeable for a token (redeemable for another container) or another container all together. So when I need to go to work right after class, I can just pick up lunch first and eat there.

There's also all the things that have changed at home since coming back.

My younger brother is only a foot shorter than me now. One of my dogs passed away while I was gone. My mom's tortoise got a lot bigger.

Everything has changed a little. You don't quite notice right away, but noticing doesn't change anything.


There are some things that didn’t change though.

My manager saved a spot for me to go back to work, so I'll be starting soon. My brother still works at the same place. My mom still has the same things up on the wall.

College takes a big part of your year. When you go far, you don't really have the opportunity to come home often. It took me 10ish hours to get home from Olin, and I don't enjoy traveling for extended times.

But I still feel like Olin was the right choice for me. I never feel like it isn't. Talking to my mom and family about it really helped cement that.

Do I feel like I don't belong at Olin? Sometimes. But that’s just the Imposter Syndrome talking.

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