Religious Life at Olin

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So religious life at Olin. It's not something that everyone considers when looking at colleges but it is certainly pervasive in my life. I am personally Roman Catholic, but I'll try to touch on all the religious happenings here at Olin and why I find it so inspirational and amazing.

First, my stuff. I am the president of the Babson-Olin Catholic Association this year, which means that I get to do a lot of fun things both at Olin, Babson, and even Wellesely (I'll get to that). BOCA, as we call ourselves, is both social and religious. We have mass every Sunday at 7PM and will often times have meetings or reflections afterwards. We'll also hold social events every two weeks or so, to allow us hang out outside of a serious religious environment. We also do intercollegiate things through the Archdiocese of Boston and hold random board game nights with the Wellesely Newman center. It's a very fulfilling group and activity for me.

However, there are various religious clubs and organizations at many different schools, many of which are better than what we have here. What I like about Olin religious life is the inter-faith unity. First we have the Olin Christian Fellowship. This is a group of Olin Christian students, including a few BOCA members and someone from just about every other Christian faith under the sun, that gets together many times each week for praise and worship, Bible study, and group prayer. I've attended a few of the group prayer sessions and I find it amazing that so many people from so many backgrounds can find common ground and assemble in unity and fellowship. Beyond just organized clubs, a few students here actually go to many different types of services. My friend Sarah, for example, goes to one church with my hallmate on Sunday morning and with mass to me on Sunday night. I also go with a good friend of mine to her church once a month. I have also had some of the most amazing and inspirational religious converstions improptu after someone decided to walk into my room and start chatting. These usually last until 3 AM, but the lack of sleep is worth it.

Also, there are other faiths represented on campus. For example, there is a Jewish Ecumenical Passover co-curricular this semester (a co-curricular is an informal "class" that involves students and a professor or staff member, usually in the evening). Unfortunately, I am not as involved in these groups, and can't depict them accurately. However, I am really proud that my experience of Olin students has those of all faiths striving to find their common grounds and express their religions and cultures together as much as possible.

Of course, not everyone at Olin is religious, as you would expect. However, this is a very comfortable place for me to express my faith. I love it!

Until next time, which will hopefully be the expected week, not month,

Jeff Moore, Olin College Class of 2010

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