Scavenger Hunt!

I think you know that you've reached a certain level of recognition when a hug from you is listed as one of the items in the school-wide scavenger hunt. It was too bad, though, since I was playing. Not wanting the other teams to get those points resulted in at least one crash into a shelf.

The scavenger hunt itself was really excellent. Taking place from 7pm the 13th to 7pm the 14th, our teams wandered as far away as Cambridge to get items, take pictures, find information, and do tasks.

This picture related to the "play Twister in the strangest place possible" task. We decided Mass Ave would be a good place, since we were at MIT anyway. Some drivers weren't particularly pleased, but we were in and out in well less than the duration of the walk signal. It's always fun to tell people that you've played Twister in the middle of Mass Ave too. My favorite portion of going to MIT, though, was probably getting about 20-30 people to act out a biochemical process.

Another task was to eat a stick of butter between your team. We decided to bake cookies and work on some of the tasks that were more computer-oriented (eg Photoshopping your team into a work of art, watching the Charlie the Unicorn video without laughing, etc.). The cookies were delicious, and the half-batch that we made contained exactly one stick of butter.

One of the last tasks we did the first night was the "dress up a team member in as many t-shirts as possible" activity. This is Heena with about 50 shirts on. We got her up to 62, which didn't even come close to the highest, but we decided that it was better for Heena to not overheat.

So that was Olin's scavenger hunt! Some of you actually might have seen us wandering about if you were at MIT's CPW (I saw at least 3 students who were also Olin candidates). It was a pretty fun time, even if my team didn't end up winning. The winning teams did get handsomely rewarded, though, with $75 to a restaurant of their choice. Not bad, I'd say.

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